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CNG Parts

Parts Available from TGT:
    1.Coalescing Filters
        TGT Filter
        TGT F610 Filter
        F610 Filter Assembly Exploded View
        Parker Finite Filters, 1/4" to 1"
    2.Used Equipment
    3.CNG Hoses
    4.CNG Nozzles
            P30 and P36
        OPW Sherex
        WEH TK17
    5.TGT Breakaways
    6.Red Jacket Retractors, Hose Retractors
    7.Desutter Retractors, Hose Retractors
    8.New Zealand Probe
    9.Remote Lubricator
  10.ASME Storage Vessels
        Wilco Sphere and Cylinder CNG Storage
  11.TGT Solenoid Valves
        5000 psi 3/8" to 1/2"
        Schematic for Solenoid Valve 3/8" Port Size, Part NO. SV-1-6
        Field Assembly Repair Schematic for SV-1-6 Pilot Solenoid Valve
  12.Ball Valves
        Oasis Valves
  13.Pneumatic Operators
        Any commonly sold operator is available on request.
  14.Relief Valves ASME
        Flow Safe
  15.TCM Compressor Parts (Password Required)
  16.Stainless Steel Tubing
        Straight Sticks
        Continuous Roll
  17.Micro Motion Mass Flow Meters
        Custom slow fill and fast fill metering is available on request.
  18.Signs and Tags

Tulsa Gas Technologies offers a wide variety of CNG parts. If you do not find the exact part you need listed here, contact us for additional availability or pricing information.

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