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Labor Rates, North America:
Complete Station EvaluationRequest with Job Description
Professional Services: Engineering, Vendor SpecialistPrice on Request
Compressor Package Evaluation - Mechanics Time$800.00/day
Station Controls Evaluation - Mechanics Time$800.00/day
Field Rate - Mechanics Helper (Regular Time)$100.00/hour
Overtime (Before 8:00 a.m. and After 5:00 p.m.)$150.00/hour
Meals, Airfare, and other expensesCost
Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Programs AvailablePrice on Request
Engine overhauls, compressor overhauls, control upgradesPrice on Request

Rates subject to adjustment to fit regional requirements and conditions.

Services Offered:
Dispenser Service on all Micro Motion Based Dispensers
Calibration Service on all Micro Motion Based Dispensers
Calibration Vessels, Scales, Software, Training
Repair and replacement boards
Repair and replacement valves
Universal Espco repair and replacement service available
Compressor Service
Twentieth Century Manufacturing (TCM)
Compressor Parts in Stock
TCM: Rider Bands, Packing, Valve repair kits, O-rings, Pistons, Controls

Tulsa Gas Technologies offers a wide variety of on-site service. If you do not find the exact service you need listed here, contact us for additional availability or pricing information.

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