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New Hose Regulations:
Recent changes to ANSI\IAS NGV 4.2-1999 now allow use of hose up to 9 meters (30 ft.) when using slow fill dispensers in locations used for private filling of NGVs. Tulsa Gas Technologies provides hoses that conform to these new regulations.

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Parker Paraflex CNG Hose
1/4 - 1" 5000' in stock
Build to order

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Certificate of Compliance for Hoses (34K pdf)

Parker 5CNG Hose Brochure (272K pdf)

Construction: Electrically conductive polymer core tube, two or more layers of fiber reinforcement, and abrasion-resistant urethane cover. Standard cover is perforated for use with fuel.

Standard Colors: Blue or Red

Applications: Refueling hose specially designed for conveying compressed natural gas. High-strength conductive polymer core tube formulated to dissipate static electrical buildup. (Note: Each hose assembly must be properly grounded: refer to CNG Hose Assembly Instructions). Thick urethane cover for abrasion and wear resistance.

Temperature Range: -40°F to +150°F (-40°C to +66°C)

Twin-line and multi-line constructions available

Part #I.D., in.Max O.D., in.Max Working Pres., psiMin Burst Pres., psi
5CNG-33-160.435000 (345)20,000 (1379)
5CNG-41/40.625000 (345)20,000 (1379)
5CNG-63/80.775000 (345)20,000 (1379)
5CNG-81/20.895000 (345)20,000 (1379)
5CNG-123/41.155000 (345)20,000 (1379)
5CNG-1611.995000 (345)20,000 (1379)

Ordering Sheets: There are ordering sheets available at the top of this page to help you determine exactly what hose you need to order. By following the steps on these sheets, you can figure out the exact TGT part number for your hose.

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Single Hose
Twin Hose
Transit Twin Hose

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