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The BV706-4K6ADDN is an isolation valve for CNG storage vessel relief valves. It is an all stainless steel bar
stock serviceable valve. An anti-blowout stem design allows for high pressure operation in long term service.
Fully CNC machined seats ensure minimal but even seat wear. Superior materials and finishes are used,
resulting in very long valve life even in rapid repetitive cycle applications. Service kits are readily available.
It is rated and safety tested at four times working pressures. Lock may be used to prevent accidental
movement of the handle.

Working Pressure: 6,000 psi
Burst Pressure: 24,000 psi
NPT Only

Isolation Valve Brochure
  • Anti-blowout stem design
  • Body made from certified origin billet stainless steel Compact and light design
  • Full bore ball aperture - no freezing due to expanding gas High quality surface finishes
  • Longest wearing bearing parts
  • Quality gas tight threads
  • Very high duty cycle life

The OASIS© 700 series valve design has a unique anti-blowout stem assembly enabling the valve to be used in very high-pressure gas applications. The valve body is fully machined out of billet stainless steel. The resulting unit is extremely strong and robust with an operating reliability an order of magnitude greater than forged or cast competitors. The valve is lighter and more compact than comparable units making it preferred in confined applications like compressor and dispenser units. The valve is a full-bore flow control device (the inside bore of the ball is the same as the connecting pipe work), which is a critical issue when handling compressed gas. Partial bore valves cannot handle the gas flow rates of the Oasis valve without freezing and becoming inoperable. The valve components are machined in very high spec CNC lathes and machining centres, the resulting surface finishes are free of blemishes and scouring. The close and consistent fits of the moving parts ensure low and even wear on the bearing parts. All wear parts are easily exchanged with Oasis provided service kits. The accuracy of Oasis manufacturing ensures all machined threads meet stringent gas operating standards. A combination of superior materials and complex design has resulted in a valve that does not distort even under four times working pressure. The trueness of the valve under working conditions enables the valve to seal correctly every on-off cycle. In multi-cycle trials the valve has out-performed competitors by a factor of ten.

Valve Brochure
Oasis 2014 Catalogue (4.7 mb)
Component NameMaterial Standard
Body316 Stainless Steel
Cap316 Stainless Steel
Stem316 Stainless Steel
Ball316 Stainless Steel
SeatDelrin AF
Thrust waterDelrin AF
Stem 0-ringNitrile
Cap 0-ringNitrile

Item CodeNominal Size
BV7041/2" (12mm)
BV7063/4" (20mm)
BV7081" (25mm)

Fill Valve Brochure
Oasis 2014 Catalogue

Fill Valve - 34 to 410 BAR - 500 to 6000 psi

  • After 3 years of continuous prototyping, product assessment, field testing and improvement Oasis is launching the FV100 series fill valves. The result of this exhaustive design process is astounding. The FV100 valve is a step change improvement for CNG filling stations setting new standards for user friendliness, durability and servicing simplicity.The FV100 is a unique valve concept, drawing on the 25 years of experience Oasis has gathered in NGV full flow valves.

  • The FV100 has a floating ball design which is proven to have soft seat life of at least 3 times that of trunnion ball valves. The gentler action of the floating ball means the valve seat has minimal friction load once cracked. Lower loads mean less wear, smoother actuation, less force required by the operator to turn.

    Fill Valve Brochure

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