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Alternative Fuel Incentives
  1.OK CNG Bill HB2095

Links to Oklahoma and National NGV Tax Forms and Information
  2.ONG Rebate Application for Natural Gas Vehicle Purchase
  3.Oklahoma Laws, Incentives and Other Initiatives Related to Alternative Fuels and Vehicles
  4.Credit for Investment in Clean-Burning Motor Vehicle Fuel Property
  5.Alternative Fuel Definition
  6.State of Oklahoma Other Credits Form 511CR
  7.Oklahoma Boiler/Pressure Vessel Installation Permit Form
  8.CNG vehicle rebates available to individual Oklahoma residents,
     as well as commercial or industrial companies doing business in Oklahoma
  9.OK Alternative Fuels Technician Certification Act & Administrative Rules
  10.OK Department of Labor Alternative Fuels Forms, Helpful Links and Related Topics
11.How Natural Gas is Measured and Sold
12.CNG, Vehicle, Station Info and More
13.How to Change a Program Chip
14.Map and Address Listing of Oklahoma CNG Stations
15.Why Reliable Temperature Compensation is Critical to CNG Vehicle Safety
16.What makes fueling with natural gas different from gasoline

CNG Links
17.Blue Energy Fuels, Inc.
18.Oasis Engineering, LTD.
19. Used CNG Vehicles, Morris Auto Sales
21.Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
22.P.C. McKenzie Company
23.Universal Air Products Corporation
24.EcoFuel - Alternative-Fuel Conversion Solutions
25.Micro Motion CNG50 data sheet
26.CNG Refueling Stations Locator

27.Download TGT Calibration Program (2100K)
28.Download Conversion Program (570K)
29.Download Private Edition Hyper Link Terminal (865K)

Dealer Resources

30.Certificate of Conformance for Weighing and Measuring (155K pdf)
31.California Weights and Measurements Certification (377K pdf)
32.Certificate of Conformance for Sensor CNG050 and Mass Flow Transmitter 2700 (72K pdf)
33.Certificate of Conformance for CNG Dispenser (18K pdf)
34.Certificate of Compliance for Hoses (34K pdf)
35.NY State Commission Letter of Approval for PROV-CNG50 (41K pdf)
36.OIML Test Report for a Corolis Mass Flow Meter (1MB pdf)
37.Examination Procedure for CNG Retail Motor-Fuel Dispensers

Photo Pages
38.Refuelling Stations
39.TGT Sponsored Race Cars

OEM Vehicle Links
40.Westport Natural Gas Engine (865K)

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