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Control Operating Costs
The Lighting Management System (LMS) Ambient Light Sensor Control turns your canopy and area lights on and off as ambient light conditions dictate. Tests have shown that stores equipped with LMS can save up to an average of 3 hours per day of lighting costs.

As the light begins to wane in the evening, it is not necessary to turn on all your canopy and area lights at once. The LMS allows you to turn on your lighting in stages, according to the level of ambient light. Stage one will allow you to turn on your identification lights and a few canopy lights for security as the sun goes down, or even in overcast conditions. As it grows darker, the rest of your canopy and area lights can be turned on in the LMS second stage. When morning approaches the stage two lights turn off earlier, while the stage one lights remain lit until ambient light increases.

The best part of the LMS is that you can quit worrying about whether or not the lights will be turned on or off at the proper time, since it will always respond to the ambient light conditions to control the lights as you have programmed them. This system can also be used with a timer when 24 hour operation is not needed.

A Phillips 66 study determined that stores equipped with LMS saved nearly 3 hours per day in lighting expenses which led to $100 per month savings in electricity costs (see graph). These savings will very quickly pay for the cost of the LMS and its installation.

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LMS Options
LMS 120 The LMS 120 is the most popular model. It is designed to work with contactors. The LMS 120 included a 120V AC output control and a neutral that connect directly to the contactors in the customer's facility. Download the flyer for this product in pdf format

LMS P91 The LMS P91 is designed to work with Square D Power Link Breakers. The P91 will supply you with a color-coded 24V DC output control that will connect directly to the breakers in the customer's location. Standard models have a 100VA transformer and will handle up to 20 breakers. Download the flyer for this product in pdf format

QT100A The QT100A is a lighting quarantine timer for use with the LMS P91 and the LMS 120 series. Download the flyer for this product in pdf format

LMS P91-500VA-QT100A brochure pdf format

LMS P91-500VA-GP Diagram pdf format

Download Chart of Photocell Voltages in doc format

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