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A Brief Company History Tulsa Gas Technologies, Inc. (TGT) of Tulsa, Oklahoma has played a leadership role in the natural gas industry by providing quality service and high tech equipment to companies, governmental agencies and associations worldwide that sell, use and promote alternative fuels.

Tulsa Gas Technologies Around the World
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TGT currently has projects in India, Pakistan, Norway, Korea, China, Turkey, United Kingdom, Mexico, Bangladesh, Canada, Venezuela, Bolivia and Egypt

TGT began its involvement in the compressed natural gas(CNG) industry in 1989 when a major oil company approached Tom Sewell (the owner and operator of Sewell Electric, involved in the construction and service of service stations) to build a CNG station at the Midway Truck Stop between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As a result, Tulsa Gas Technologies was established June 11, 1991 and the first TGT dispenser was manufactured and sold in July 1991.

TGT is owned and operated by Tom and Charles Sewell. Tom is President in charge of Sales and Operations and Charles is Vice-President in charge of Service and Research and Development of new products. TGT manufactures CNG dispensing equipment and related control systems that refuel alternative fueled vehicles, with their emphasis being on SERVICE. TGT has built a reputation for "service with the sale." They currently service all brands of alternative fuel dispensers, control systems, and any of the instrumentation involved in the alternative fuels industry. TGT also manufactures a Lighting Management System (LMS), which controls the exterior lights of more than 500 gasoline stations and convenience stores across the country.

TGT is an aggressive and open-minded company, researching new types of equipment and their uses, and blending new technologies with existing equipment. It's this kind of talent that has brought TGT to the front as a leader in the alternative fuels equipment supplier business throughout the world.

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