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Converting Your Vehicle to CNG

Tulsa Gas Technologies is an Oklahoma State Licensed CNG System Installer

  1.Vehicles that Qualify for Conversion

  2.State of Oklahoma Requirements for Conversion

  3.State of Oklahoma Conversion Reporting Form

  4.Photos of Conversions

  5.Alternative Fuel Station Locator

  6.Oklahoma Alternative Fuel Tax Incentives

  7.Special Incentives for Alternative Fuel Vehicles

  8.CNG Station Locations and Prices

  9.Guide to Available NGV Vehicles and Engines

10.CNG Tank Installation Photos

11.Draft List of Low Emission and Energy Efficient Vehicles
    Using the Hybrid-to-Gasoline Vehicle Comparison Methodology

12. Determine CNG Conversion Savings & Payback Using CNGNOW Calculator

13. TGT's CNG Cylinder Cover

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