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Single High Hose Stand Alone CNG Dispenser

This dispenser is a three-line dispenser that independently meters the gas and gives you a display on both sides of the dispenser. Flow Rate as high as 3000cfm have been seen with this dispenser in certain configurations. Standard flow rate is 1500cfm. The New Micro Motion ® CNG50 sensor is used in this dispenser to achieve the flow rate. The dispenser has 2, 4-20mA output that can send flow or temperature to a remote controller. The dispenser has a dry contact and a 120VAC hook switch for an "in use" signal and will send pulses to a card reader or a console. The Micro Motion ® transmitters are located within the dispenser body and are factory set up and calibrated before shipment. TGT assembles an AGA 1-93 approved Parker Parflex CNG fill hose on all its dispensers. The Breakaway is the Snap-tite In-Line type with a unique vent Breakaway attached to the fill hose Breakaway. All TGT CNG Dispensers have an ASME pressure relief valve inside the dispenser cabinet with a vent stack up through the dispenser body. The cabinet is constructed of 11-gauge cold roll steel with a powder-coated finish; stainless steel material is optional. The high body style gives you the look of contemporary gasoline dispenser. The standard color is black with white faces and doors but any custom colors can be applied to the dispenser body. This dispenser will temperature compensate the fill pressure of the gas and do electronic sequencing of the gas from the storage to the dispenser using the Acufill® algorithm. This dispenser will communicate with a card reader via pulse (gasoline standard mechanical type pulsars). Model number will change any with options selected.

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Each Include:
3   Solenoid Sequencing Valves
1   Pressure Gauge
1   Snap-tite In-Line Break-away
1   Manual Shutoff Valve
1   1 Powder Coated Cold Roll Carbon Steel Body (Stainless Steel Optional)
1   Micro Motion CNG50 Mass Flow Meters (rated at 5000 Psi(345 bar), 170 lbs./min (77kg/min.), 3000 scfm) Flow Rates through the dispenser depends on vehicle capacity to receive gas and nozzle attached to dispenser hose. A ˝" hose and a nozzle upgrade is required for flow rates above 1500scfm(42.47m3/Min).
1   ASME Relief Valve
2   2 10 (3.5m)' x 3/8"4500(mil) Hose Assembly (electrically conductive CNG twin hose)
1   Back lighted TGT Electronic Single Hose Head

Tubing is 3/8" .049 316 Seamless Stainless Steel


Two Drop Sequencing Solenoid Valve Panel Remote from Dispenser
Two Drop Sequencing ˝" Ball Valve Panel Remote from Dispenser
NGV1 Type 2 Refueling Connector Nozzle (Staubli)
NGV1 Type 1 Refueling Nozzle Sherex CT1000
1 Parker Finite J2SD Filter Installed in Dispenser
1 Parker Finite J4SD Filter Installed in Dispenser
Dispenser Base Shear Break-away System Installed in Dispenser
Stainless Steel Body with powder coat paint
Pressure Regulator used when dual pressure and elevated storage
Upgrade to ˝" Hose
High Flow Rate Nozzles call for quote

This dispenser is manufactured under the guidelines of:
ANSI/IAS NGV 4.0-1999 CSA 12.00-M99
ANSI B31.3
CENELEC (on request)

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